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Sophisticated and welcoming spaces, meticulously designed to capture brilliant aesthetics, feature seamless integrations of functional style.

Welcome to Catherine La Marca Interiors!

Throughout her 35 years of designing in the Tri-State area, Catherine has forged excellent working relationships with the most desirable national and international contractors and vendors. These deep-rooted relationships are the cornerstone of Catherine’s ability to make rare and beautiful materials readily available to her clients.

Each project is approached with a unique perspective, beginning with the initial discussions and

concept development for the project.  During the process Catherine  forms strong relationships with the clients, allowing them to trust the process and enjoy seeing their project come to life.

Interior Designer


During the initial consultation we meet with you to outline the scope of work and budget.We establish how you like to live in the space, who will be using the space and discuss the design fees.




During this phase you will see an initial design scheme for the project.Typically presented are initial space planning, materials, furniture and lighting concepts for your approval .

Screenshot 2024-01-31 at 3.47.41 PM.png


Once the project specifications and quotes have been approved and signed off, we will start the ordering process. We work alongside contractors to ensure the proper execution of our designs, and have regular site meetings to monitor the progress of the project. We coordinate and manage all orders.

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