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Catherine La Marca's journey through the world of design is deeply rooted in her childhood in Italy, where she was immersed in the opulence of rich fabrics and the elegance of pristine marble floors within her mother's meticulously curated home.

Raised by a mother deeply involved in the Italian fashion industry, Catherine inherited a profound appreciation for luxurious textiles and exquisite textures—a passion that became not only her mother's profession but also a significant part of their cultural and personal lives. Their home, a haven of beauty and serenity, was a testament to Catherine's mother's commitment to domestic perfectionism. Every element was thoughtfully selected, creating an atmosphere that shielded them from the cares of the world. This upbringing instilled in Catherine a sense of family, home, and timeless European style that she now imparts to her clients.In her design practice, Catherine channels her dedication to craftsmanship and material excellence, seamlessly blending European standards with the distinctive flair of American individuality.


Whether orchestrating the aesthetic of a single room or an entire house, she tirelessly works to craft a unique expression that reflects each client's individual personality. Catherine hails from a lineage of skilled designers, with her grandmother's meticulous embroidery serving as a testament to the family's commitment to perfection.  No detail was ever overlooked, a principle passed down from generation to generation. Today, Catherine recognizes the contemporary demand for meticulous attention in every corner of her clients' homes.  Her educational journey, spanning from Italy to the  design scene of New York, has equipped Catherine to bring a touch of Old European charm to residential spaces across the tri-state area.

While her focus is primarily on residential projects, she occasionally lends her expertise to commercial ventures.  Fine materials, enduring beauty, and the embodiment of Old European ideas and ideals define Catherine La Marca's approach to design.  As she continues to evolve and innovate, Catherine remains dedicated to creating spaces that transcend the ordinary, reflecting the essence of her rich heritage and the individuality of each client she serves.

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